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A Guide to Gritter Lorry Insurance

gritter lorry insuranceEvery type of vehicle whether a motorbike, car or gritter lorry legally needs to have at least third party insurance before they can be driven. Gritter lorries are generally used during the winter months to grit the UK’s hazardous roads if there’s inclement weather. They are characteristically different from other motor vehicles so require specialised policies which are available from online brokers. It is essential to the success of your gritter lorry operation to provide the necessary cover for your employees as well as the lorries themselves and equipment. Even the cheapest gritter lorry insurance covers fire and theft however this is usually insufficient for comprehensive cover purposes.

Comprehensive gritter lorry insurance is more expensive although in the long run it will prove more worthwhile. Brokers can help you choose comprehensive gritter lorry insurance which covers legal costs from another road user, pedestrian or a client who has been injured as a result of an accident involving one of your gritter lorries. Claimants may try and sue you by taking you to court, which if you didn’t have the necessary gritter lorry insurance cover in place could prove extremely costly if their claim was successful.

Tailor-made gritter lorry insurance can protect:-

  • The total maximum weight of the lorry and its contents
  • The size and nature of the load
  • The lorry owner
  • Any modifications made to the standard gritter lorry model

It’s advisable to let brokers know as much as information as possible about your gritter lorry or lorries for them to get you the best insurance deal. Multiple gritter lorry owners can benefit from having their cover under one fleet insurance protection. Why not opt to buy an any driver policy ensuring that all vehicles are covered regardless of which one of your employees is driving them.

Established online brokers have exclusive policy rates from leading UK insurers on gritter lorry insurance. The easiest and quickest way to receive cover is by speaking to one of their expert account handlers. Contact experienced online brokers today to benefit from:-

  • Exclusive low rates for gritter lorry owners
  • No claims discounts
  • UK breakdown cover
  • Efficient claims service
  • Easy payment options
  • Employer’s and public liability insurance
  • Like for like lorry in the event of a provable non-fault accident

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Gritter Lorry Insurance