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Truck Insurance Guide

truck insuranceAll vehicles on the UK roads are required by law to have adequate insurance to protect them and road users from financial losses after an accident. Trucks are obviously no exception to this rule, all business owners and drivers of trucks must ensure they have the correct truck insurance to be able to operate legally. The panel of insurance providers can insure trucks whether for businesses or for self-employed truck drivers, let them provide a quote for you today from a range of leading UK insurers.

Types of Cover Available

Truck insurance can usually provide cover for all vehicles over 7.5 tonnes in weight and up to as much as 44 tonnes. If you don’t have the correct insurance and you are involved in an accident or breakdown then expect personal costs to be quite considerable for any damages to a third party. You never know what’s round the corner so get a quote from the insurance providers panel to provide truck insurance, policy benefits can include:-

  • Cover for up to 44 tonnes in Europe
  • Skip vehicle cover
  • Cover for fleets of any size
  • Special schemes and discounts for owner drivers
  • 24 hour claims lines

Don’t worry, most type of truck owners can benefit from these key feature policies when bought online. There’s a wide range of insurance products for lone drivers or fleet operators. The insurance providers can also give plenty of advice about truck insurance, policy details and payment methods too, don’t pay extortionate rates for truck insurance, let the insurance panel do the research for you and come up with a competitive price and the right cover level.

There are always ways to reduce premiums on truck insurance, maybe you would like to increase your excess or negotiate a better price for low mileage. When it comes to online discounts, the insurance providers may also be able to offer you introductory discounts and no claims bonus discounts too.

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It’s no longer necessary to spend hours calling different insurance providers so you can get the best deal. Now all you have to do if answer some simple questions and you’ll be sent your quotes directly. To get started simply click the red button below to be taken to the quote form. After answering the questions you’ll have your quotes in no time. Then all you have to do is look through them and choose the best deal for you!

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