Whiplash is causing us all a pain in the neck!

whiplash Injury after a car accidentIn recent years, whiplash claims have spiralled and the associated costs have hit insurers hard. In 2011, whiplash claims cost insurers over £2 billion according to the Association of British Insurers. Perhaps the most peculiar statistic is that the number of car crashes has actually reduced! So why are whiplash claims and payouts on the up?

Unfortunately, in the UK we seem to have been caught up in the ‘Where there’s a claim, there’s a blame’ theory driven by greedy solicitors who can make a fast buck and let insurance companies pick up the costs. And it’s not just the insurance companies that end up picking up the costs. If you have inadequate cover on your policy, a high excess or non-protected no claims bonus then you may end up picking up additional costs too.

So how do you avoid the financial impact of the increases in whiplash cases? Well, the ABI are currently looking at ways that they can influence the insurance industry to ensure a reduction in whiplash claims. Some of the ideas that they are looking at are:

  • Placing a cap on damages claimed
  • Only paying out for claims that have objective medical evidence
  • Having injuries assessed by independent doctors instead of the claimant’s chosen doctor

Although these are all great ideas and may well lead to a reduction in whiplash claims and the costs associated with them, they are some way off being introduced. Therefore, the only way that you can protect yourself properly from this risk is by looking at your insurance policy details and making sure that you have the right options.

If you are looking for truck insurance, you need to be particularly thorough with your insurance options, as you will probably be using the vehicle frequently and also given the size and weight of the vehicle, you are more susceptible to higher cost claims against you.

Instead of spending hours researching the best truck insurance options and comparing excesses and policy limits, why not speak to our specialist panel of truck insurers? They will be able to assess your circumstances and details and do all of the hard work for you, to find you the best truck insurance deal and keep you protected.

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